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Some 30 years later, there were 18,729 Druze students, an increase by a factor of 19.Today there are over 30,000 Druze students in the school system - some 2.3% of all pupils in Israel, although the representation of Druze in the general population is only 1.6%.

Since then, the idea of monotheism has been disseminated by "emissaries" or prophets, guided by "mentors" who embody the spirit of monotheism.

Hauran in Syria, which became known as Jebel-el-Druze (Mountain of the Druze) - the name formerly synonymous with Mt. Until the end of Ottoman rule (1918), the Druze were governed by emirs, as a semi-autonomous community.

In 1921 the French tried to set up a Druze state under the French Mandate, but the attempt failed.

By the time of the Ottoman conquest of Syria (1516), Druze also lived in the hill country near Aleppo, and Sultan Selim I recognized Fakhr al-Din as Emir of the Druze, with local authority.

Civil strife between the Lebanese Druze and the Maronite Christians ended in 1860 with the autonomous administration of Mt. The Druze never regained ascendancy in the region and the center of the community passed to Mt.

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