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She will want to know what you can provide and that you intend to do so. She had a baby-sitting job in high school while the other kids were going to the beach.

She’s just used to looking at the world from a position of authority.

She loves to be a help-mate, and you can approach her on that basis right away.

Chances are she is doing well in her career or with other responsibilities, and will enjoy talking about how things are going.

These two bring out nothing but the finest things in one another, and the angels rejoice at the degree of harmony and productivity that is possible when two like minds are smart enough to cooperate like this.

Conversation will tend to be more serious than actual dating so don’t hesitate to share some of your plans with her, and hopefully get her to sign off on them. The Capricorn female is a romantic, but not about life. She probably raised younger siblings or parented her own mother and father.

This is the ultimate goal in a long term relationship and this is very difficult to achieve.

It takes the right amount of patience, tolerance and acceptance.

The Capricorn woman will appreciate knowing your intentions and that you do not intend to waste her time.

She is just as practical as you are, and just as no-nonsense.

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