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Let’s have a look at the key game changers in dating, all around the world.There was a time when people could meet a potential partner only through common friends or colleagues. 80% of the couples nowadays have met through some form of online dating.Many couples meet through Facebook, Instagram or other social networking sites.There are specialized dating apps and services like Tinder where you can find a potential match even more easily.Here, we use a previously published phylogenomic dataset that includes a fair sampling of all relevant groups to estimate the timing of early animal evolution with Bayesian relaxed-clock methods.According to our results, all non-bilaterian phyla, as well as total-group Bilateria, evolved in an ancient radiation during a geologically relatively short time span, before the onset of long-term global glaciations (“Snowball Earth”; ~720–635 Ma).People move from one country to another country for various reasons. The number of cross-nation and cross-culture marriages have increased drastically. People from different religion and ethnicity are dating and even marrying.Most couples now are not born or grown up in the same country.

You can video call and talk as if the person is sitting right in front of you.

We need to have patience and the intent to work through both good and bad times.

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Social media sites are not always a mirror into someone’s life or character.

People have a lot of options now, thanks to the reasons discussed above. Meeting dating partner through common friends has become a thing of past. People now find it easier to move on than to stay and work hard to find solutions in the present relationship. Today we have more options, tools, technology, and information with us.

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