Manager employee dating harassment precedents

If this is the first time you've broached the subject, discipline is not appropriate, as he's never been warned that his behavior will not be tolerated; however, do warn him that he will be disciplined if he does not show immediate and sustained improvement.

You might want to start off the meeting in a way that does not make the employee feel like he's being attacked.

An alternative is to keep the supplies in a central location, in plain view, so it's obvious when someone takes something.

Problem: An employee's complaint-writing activities have started to noticeably eat into work time.

In some cases, though, you may have to just accept the fact that the employee is an overall unhappy person and no matter how far back you bend for him, he will never be happy.

While your intent may be to get the employee back to work, it may look as though you are trying to silence a disgruntled employee.She is either the source of the gossip or she helps spread the news around.Solution: If gossips aren't stopped, their loose lips can take a toll on company morale and put a dent in .She wears headphones, so she doesn't disturb those around her, but because she constantly has them on, she is difficult to communicate with.Solution: Listening to music at work is a privilege, not a right, so you can impose restrictions for the good of your business operations.

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