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The Boom aircraft has 55 seats, similar to the premium cabin in a typical widebody aircraft.” Since the demise of Concorde — hit by high oil prices, low demand and concerns about safety following the 2000 crash in Paris — plans for high-speed civil aircraft have foundered.

The price of the Boom passenger jet is set at 0m (£160m).

The two companies formed a partnership to combine Par Perfieto in Brazil with extended presence in Latin America.

It is claimed to be the first independently developed supersonic jet and history's fastest civil aircraft.

“It is under construction now and will fly next year,” says Boom, with scheduled supersonic services on a 55-seat plane by 2023.

Passengers do not need to deplane or exit their seats.” It is telling airlines: “The breakthrough Boom airliner allows you to offer Mach 2.2 flights profitably at the same fares as subsonic business class.

“A major problem with Concorde is that it had more seats than could be filled at the required prices.

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But British Airways last flew faster than the speed of sound in 2003, with the supersonic fleet dispersed to museums.

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